April 30, 2013


Update: Problem solved! I posted a question on Blogger Help and got a quick response. Apparently the commenting is linked to cookies (and not the yummy chocolate kind!). Seeing as none of that stuff makes sense to me, I asked my husband to take a look and he fixed it.

I'm not sure what is going on, but I can't seem to comment on Blogger blogs lately. If the comment form opens in a new window, off to the left, my Google Accounts info is there and my comment will publish no problem. But if the comment form is at the bottom of all the other comments, mine won't publish. My Google Accounts info doesn't show up even when I click to comment using a Google account and it never asks me to sign in (I'm already signed in!). The comment simply vanishes when I click publish.

Has anyone ever had this problem before? Do you know how I can fix it? I want to be able to comment, especially with the It's For the Birds blog hop starting next week.


  1. I haven't had this problem...maybe sign out of your blog and then sign back in? It could be your browser...what do you use? I use google chrome. I hope you figure it out.

  2. Umm? I generally use a Mac and I don't have a problem. My mother had that same problem though when she tried commenting using her iPad.


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