April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Block 16

I finished block 16 of my Golden Album Quilt, by Jinny Beyer, Monday night.
Block 16 - Arrant Red Birds
This block finishes at 10 1/8" and has 73 pieces. This quilt uses templates instead of rotary cutting the pieces, so it took a long time to cut out all 73. It really made me admire the women who had to cut all their quilt pieces this way. Me? I won't mind getting back to my rotary cutter!

This block also has mitered corners for the border around the center. I've never mitered anything except my binding before, so this was new for me. It went fairly well, though the motif at the corner isn't perfectly matched up. The lines around the outside did match up though, so I didn't want to take it out and risk messing that up.

This is the last block in this size. The last four blocks are larger, finishing at 13 7/8". I don't think any of them have so many pieces though!

I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced again today.


  1. Your block is incredible! Well done!

  2. Looks like a tedious block--but lovely result. I started quilting in the 70s before the rotary cutter was invented, and yes, it was very slow.

  3. I love the picture frame effect that you have with the fabric in this block. It has given me a great idea for a quilt. Thanks so much.

  4. love this block...and gorgeous fabric!!


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