May 14, 2013

Drumroll Please!

Here is Aiden at the drums we gave him for Christmas in 2011, after he had spent months drumming on every available surface. He used to even take the toy drums and an assortment of my mixing bowls and large pots and lay them out in his homemade version of a drum set. He has since spent many, many hours sitting on that stool and drumming away. The good news is - he can keep a beat!

Unfortunately, he kept growing. Then the snare drum developed a small tear that changed the sound. I must admit, I couldn't really hear the difference, but I'm about as musically challenged as they come so I'm not a good judge.

For a while now, Aiden has been talking about saving his money for a new set. What with his birthday this week and the money he had set aside, this is what moved into our family room this evening!

Can you see the difference?! Call us crazy, but we have one very excited boy. Well, three actually, as they all want to play drums now!

Anyone have earplugs?


  1. Holy moly!! Ever see the episode of I Love Luvy where little Ricky gets a set of drums? I imagine you making toast and eggs - TWO TWO TWO. ( if you haven't seen it, check it out, such a great old show :) )

  2. Found the clip on youtube....

  3. Thread catcher is a great idea


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