May 08, 2013

WIP Wednesday - May SBC Block and 4 patches

My May Sugar Block Club block is all stitched. This one came together nicely, except when I didn't pay attention to which way I was sewing! All seam ripping was entirely my fault, not the fault of the instructions!
I couldn't resist laying out all the blocks I've made so far. The May block kind of stands out with its darker background, but I figure I have plenty of months left to make other blocks with similar backgrounds. I really like how they look together. Not sure what I'll do for sashing and borders yet, but again, there's lots of time yet before I need to make those decisions.
I also took time to iron the four patch blocks I've been making as my leaders and enders. I'm eventually going to make Bonnie Hunter's Four Patch Revisited, from her book Adventures with Leaders & Enders. This is what I have so far. I think this is about 1/5 of what I need for the quilt.
The four patches are made in colour groups. I knew I had a lot of blues, but I didn't realize just how they dominate my scraps. This picture shows the blue four patches on the right and all the other colours on the left. The blue pile is almost as tall as the red, pink, black, brown, orange, yellow and green pile!
In my defense, I do have quite a few twosies that are ready to be sewn into four patches, and a good many are those other colours (though I'm sure there are blues too!). I spent a little time last night cutting some yellow, pink and purple 1 1/2" squares to add to my leaders and enders bag. I need to even things out a little.

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced again today. I hope you find time for your works-in-progress too.


  1. What beautiful blocks! I am going to look up that book you mentioned.

  2. Wow! That is quite a block! Looks like you did a really good piecing job, too. It's going to be a great quilt!

  3. Whoa! I love love love the new block. It really pops and plays tricks on my brain. Super cool!

  4. Your blue and tan blocks are so pretty! Love the colors together.

  5. You have been very busy. thanks for coming by my blog during the bird blog hop. I look forward to seeing your entry. Good luck in the giveaway.


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