May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and 2013 Birthdays

Happy Mother's Day! I've been treated to our traditional breakfast in bed already this morning - cereal, yogurt and orange juice, prepared entirely by the two older boys.

All of my boys have now had their 2013 birthdays. Zachary was first, turning 9 back in February.

No, he wasn't ill at his party...he wanted a Halloween in February theme, and he dressed as a 3 eyed alien. His cake has a hairy legged spider on it. I used broken pieces of pretzels for the legs and covered them with little lines of icing.
Nathan turned 5 in March. Thanks to Grandma for finding the cake idea. We had to work a bit to convince Nathan that he couldn't start school on his birthday. After being told for a year or more that he would start school when he was 5, he can't really understand why he still has to wait until September.
Aiden turned 11 yesterday. This is his favourite cake - chocolate with chocolate-orange icing. It is every bit as good as it sounds. The glasses are new this year and they really suit him.

This mom feels very blessed to have three healthy, happy and growing boys.

I hope all you moms enjoy the day. I love you, Mom. I would have made you breakfast (though probably not in bed!) if we weren't in different provinces!

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  1. Happy Mother's day! Your boys and their cakes are pretty awesome!


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