April 29, 2015

A Quilting I Will Go

I've been busy quilting the quilt I'm making for Renee (Quilts of a Feather). All of the red is quilted, except for one section I had to un-quilt yesterday (sigh), and I've started in on the white.
I always use the same thread in the bobbin, which in this case is red, and all that red thread on the solid white backing fabric really stands out. Every little wobble shows!
This mini will soon be ready to fly off to Renee, so I'll be sharing pictures of the whole quilt as soon as she gets it.

And, when I haven't been quilting, I've had a bit of fun playing with a marker. One of the kids I babysit wanted me to colour with them one morning, so I grabbed a scrap of paper and a marker and experimented. I can see me doing more quilt doodles in the future...and I'd love to quilt something like this someday. Maybe a little more practice on paper first, though ;)
I hope you're having a great week. I'm anxious for Friday to get here, so I can finally share the project I made for the new issue of Make Modern magazine (yippee!!). See you then!

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  1. What a great doodle to turn into a coloring page - is that what happened? I think your quilting looks brilliant, and it will be fun to see the full reveal. :)

  2. Oh! I love this sneak peek, Leanne! The quilting looks fantastic. And so does the practice on paper! Congratulations on the Make Modern publication. Can't wait to see what you made! See you Friday!

  3. I can't wait to get this! I think your quilty doodles look great. I find that my quilting is (usually) better than my drawing...more practice at quilting I guess.

  4. I love your sneak peek. I feel like I have been quilting a lot of wobbles, but at least they are my wobbles. Handmade is awesome!

  5. What an awesome doodle! I think the red thread is very striking. My sister in law has to remind me of this quite often, no one is perfect, only God is perfect.


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