April 01, 2015

WIP Wednesday - A Little Progress

I've been making little bits of progress on a bunch of projects this week, so here's a little update on everything.

This lovely stack is half the units I need for a wedding quilt for my brother and his fiancee. It's in black and white so I don't give them any hints about the colours :) I'm not even trying to get this one finished in time for their wedding (which is in 10 days), but I'm really pleased with how well it is coming together. I'm planning to finish the quilt by the summer, so I think I'm on track for now.

This round of the Round Trip Quilts I have Christina's quilt, which has an autumn/woodland theme. So far I have made three little tents to add to it. Our Easter/spring break starts on Friday, so hopefully I'll have lots of sewing time in the next week to finish my plan for this quilt.

The flowers are fused onto my Psalm 19 mini, and I'm about halfway through stitching around them. It will be nice to finally cross this off my to-do list soon.

My epp project is coming along nicely too. Unfortunately, I find my wrist hurts if I spend too much time doing this type of stitching, so I have to limit it. That is really annoying because I could happily spend hours and hours working on this, but I'd really pay for it afterwards. The funny thing is, my wrist doesn't hurt at all while I'm stitching! In my tutorial on how to baste hexagons for English Paper Piecing, I said I don't sew through the paper to the fabric on the front, but these pieces are quite a bit larger and I found that stitching only on the back doesn't work as well.

I'll only be sharing little sneak peeks of this project since it is for a swap with an online friend and I want her to be at least a little surprised when she receives it.
So that's where things stand now. Also, the sun is shining and I'm finding my cabin fever intensifying as I just want to get outside! Thankfully, the snow and ice are gone from our roads, so I can finally start running again. Now if only the 3 or 4 feet of snow would melt so the flowers could start blooming...

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  1. Congratulations on getting half of that mountain of HSTs trimmed, that is super exciting. And I hope the wedding is a joy (only 10 days away! Wow!). :) The tent blocks are wonderful. I am excited to see how you add them on.

  2. Trimming HST takes forever! You are doing great!

  3. Yes, those HST are time consuming and tedious. But SEW worth it when finished! Those little tents are simply adorable. I love the fabrics you chose for them. Looks like you are making great progress on all your projects!

  4. Those little tents are lovely Leanne, what a great interpretation of the theme!


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