April 16, 2015

Round Trip Quilts - Round 5

For this round of Round Trip Quilts I have had Christina's quilt. Christina blogs at Wips and Tuts and the theme for her quilt is her favourite season - autumn. Of all the quilts being made by this group, this is the one my husband most wishes he could keep! It is so beautiful!

It is also huge!! Outside pictures are out of the question right now because everything here is dirty snow or mud, so in order to take these pictures I taped the quilt to the living room wall - it took up almost the whole space from the crown molding to the baseboards!

I forgot to take a picture before I added my section, so there's no before and after shots, but here's what it looks like now.

When I opened the package from Jennifer, I knew right away that I wanted to add something to help balance out the blue and green that she added with those beautiful trees at the top. It was really hard to get a good picture...those blues are a little more vibrant in real life.
I wasn't sure what I could add, but as soon as I opened the notebook Christina sent along with the quilt, I read the phrase "apple cider at bonfires" and I remembered seeing a campfire block somewhere. When I went looking for it, I also found these tents. Once I checked with Christina that the tents were okay, and not too summery, I was all set to go.
If I could redo it, I'd have used all light greens for the ground and all dark browns for the logs at the base of the fire as the medium toned logs seem to disappear into the background a little more than I would like.
At one time it seemed I had a huge abundance of blue and green fabric, so I consciously try to buy other colours to balance things out. Except it seems I've gone too far the other way and now I didn't have enough of any one blue to do all the sky, or enough of any one green to do all of the ground. I decided to do a bit of improv and mix it up for both the sky and the ground. Only when I was taking these pictures did I notice that the one green fabric that had flowers ended up upside down (oops!).
Joining the tents and the fire into one strip meant taking a little extra care to make sure the ground joined up all the way across and there were no sudden drop offs or cliffs between sections. I'm pretty pleased with how the rather hilly campground looks in the end.
I sure hope Christina likes what I've added! It's hard to believe we're almost finished these quilts...only two more rounds to go. We've been discussing what we want to do next and it seems most members of the group are game for another collaboration of some sort. Whatever we end up deciding, I have a feeling it will challenge my creativity and result in fun projects.


  1. This is beautiful Leanne! I hope that Christina loves it. I really like how your portion balances out what I added as well!

  2. I like your addition, and think it balances the blue out nicely. Even though you added an assortment of blues and greens, I like the texture it adds. You also don't notice the flipped flowers since they are so small in scale.

  3. I think what you added really balances the piece. Great job!

  4. Wow, your addition balances out the trees so nicely, LeAnne! I love the tents and how they are nestled into valleys of their hilly area, and the fire really speaks to her journal entry to me! :)

  5. Your row helps frame (ground?) the quilt beautifully. I'm glad you used a variety of greens for the hills--they look rich--and I like how the fire seems to cast light over the foreground.

  6. I love your campground. It looks great.

  7. The campground was an interesting addition here, I like how you gave the tents a somewhat staggered effect, and the flame of the campfire really stands out.

  8. Your addition is great, I love the blocks.

  9. What a great project Leanne. Your campfire blocks were the perfect addition!

  10. Yes a perfect addition those comping blocks. What an amazing project and an amazing top!!!
    Love from Amsterdam

  11. I love your campground! Where did you find the tent and campfire blocks?


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