October 31, 2015

Hallowe'en 2015

My boys had no trouble picking out their Hallowe'en costumes this year.

Aiden wanted to be a ghost. When I said, "You mean, like the bedsheet over the head kind of ghost?" he said yes, so the hardest part of his costume was getting my hands on a plain white bedsheet! I did come across the idea of attaching the sheet to a white hat so it wouldn't move around on his head, which I would never have thought of doing, but it worked perfectly.

Zachary has taken up archery this year, so he wanted to be Robin Hood. I followed this tutorial to make the hat, which turned out perfectly and was so simple. I made his quiver out of a piece of poster board, rolled up and covered with brown flannel. The belt and sash are made of the same flannel.

Nathan decided he wanted to be an army man. His coat is a little too big for him, but it's genuine army issue thanks to my uncle who gave it to us when he retired from the army.  And, of course, Nathan had to get into character!
The ghost, Robin Hood and the army man are all out trick-or-treating now, and when they get home our treat drawer will be filled to capacity for a while!

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