October 06, 2015

Tiny Little Distractions

I've been a little distracted lately by some little projects.
I tried to resist the Mini Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram. Really, I did. But the cuteness of the little tiny quilts I kept seeing was just too much to resist for long. This is a low-key swap where you just offer to swap with someone and then you both make mini mini quilts that finish in the vicinity of 4". Like I said, tiny quilts!

My very first thought was to make a tiny hexie flower and applique it to a background square. Ever since I saw the quilts made with the Flowers for Eleni, I've wanted to make something similar. It was fun to finally do it, but making this little quilt only makes me want to make a bigger version! The hexies for this flower were 1/2" on a side. This one has been sent to Erin, @lemonadefish on IG.
Then I wanted to try a Disappearing 4-patch, but I found the effect was a little lost at this small size. The quilting was fun though...teeny tiny feathers and some organic switchbacks finished it off quite nicely. This one is still available to swap, if anyone is interested.
I had seen a few whole cloth mini minis, so I wanted to give one of those a try too. I thought it would be fun to make a pinwheel using two different colours of thread, and two different quilting patterns. I don't usually use thread that contrasts so much, but I really liked the effect for this little project. And I found that even though each individual pebble isn't perfect, the overall effect is nice. I really liked how the pink thread pops against the dark grey fabric I used for the backing. I have sent this one to Jayne, @twiggyandopal on IG.
The really fun part was that I quilted all three of these mini minis in one evening! I've never completely quilted three quilts in one evening before!!

The next mini mini quilt started with a scrap of the rocket fabric from the Friendship Galaxy baby quilt. This quilt is for Yvonne, who blogs at Quilting Jet Girl, and her blog logo looks so much like the rockets on this fabric that I knew I wanted to use it for her. Yvonne said that she prefers cool colours, though she also loves orange. It seemed only right to use the orange rocket. Yvonne and I mailed our mini mini quilts on the same day, so it will be interesting to see which way the mail moves faster.
My last mini mini is this flower one. I started with the scrap of yellow floral fabric and just went from there. Even the quilting design was inspired by the fabric. This one is still available for swapping too.
If you're on Instagram, have you been caught up in the Mini Mini swapping too? It's so fun and satisfying to make a complete quilt so quickly!

Now, that I've indulged in that bit of fun, I better get back to the things I'm supposed to be doing, though!


  1. Great job on all of your mini mini's! It looks like everyone has had so much fun with this swap. The little rocket is so perfect for Yvonne. I'm sure she will love it.

  2. These are really fun distractions. Thank you so much for swapping with me and the orange rocket is so perfect; I can't wait to see whose arrives first (and hang mine on my wall - yay!). :)

  3. These are amazing. You did an awesome job. I just made one and swapped with Jayne. Maybe I'll try another one.

  4. These are awesome! Look like quick and fun Christmas gifts too!.

  5. Totally addicted!! I can't wait to get mine from you...it's so cute! I really enjoy making these mini mini's...how small can we go?! I don't know, but it sure is fun!

  6. Wow! you have been a busy girl!!! good job! they are all wonderful!! hard to pick my favorite :)

  7. I was able to resist the mini mini quilt swap, but it's been a blast to see everyone's creations on IG. The one you made for Yvonne is just perfection. : )

  8. Such great minis, Leanne! I'm sure your partner will love them!


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