October 16, 2015

More Tiny Distractions

So much for sticking to the things I need to be doing! I got sucked back into the mini mini quilt swap last weekend and made 6 more teeny little quilts. It's just so hard to resist taking on more swaps! I did, however, manage to finish the quilt top for my next project before starting these, so I haven't completely abandoned my FAL list for this quarter.

These were just as much fun to make as my first mini minis, and just as satisfying to finish so quickly!

Most of these mini minis were made with units I already had in my scraps. This beige and blue one was made out of four little HSTs.
 So was this coral and aqua one. I really love how bright and cheerful this one is.
And I couldn't resist making a pinwheel out of these leftover HSTs. Pinwheels have always been among my favourite blocks. Unfortunately, I picked this binding without first checking to be sure I had a thread to match it, so this one is still just pinned together. I'm swapping it with Heather, of QA Creations, though, and she's not quite ready to swap yet so I have time to get the right thread. Also, it's hard to quilt these tiny spaces without losing some of the design under the binding. I need to practice more, I guess!
These next few mini minis were made from little 4-patch units. It was fun figuring out how to quilt in the border around each one.
Now, once again, I'm going to stick to bigger projects for a little while. No telling how long that will last, though!


  1. I love your quilting. Yes it is so easy to get distracted and not do what we need to do. I have an exams coming up and I am not studying for it but quilting away :) What can be more fun than quilting. LOL

  2. You got sucked into the the mini mini mania, too! Its is really hard to know when to stop. :) I know exactly what you mean about losing design elements on these little quilts; at some point I just trimmed larger and made some that were closer to 4.5 or 5 inches square...

  3. yay, look at all that lovely quilting! well done!

  4. The quilts may be mini mini... But the WOW! factor is big with all those lovely designs. And the quilting!

  5. Your quilting on these fabulous little mini quilts is awesome. I'm very impressed.

  6. These are awesome. I've been overthinking the process, thinking I needed a fancy creation. Your HST's are awesome and so is the quilting.

  7. What's with this mini mini craze? I've read a couple of blogs boasting mini minis. I'm loving them, of course! They are just cute as can be, but I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around how small the pieces are....which means your quilting must be tiny! That makes them all the more challenging. (Very challenging for mere mortals, anyway.)

  8. I love the coral and aqua quilt. I really like the floral flourishes you quilted in the corners. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.


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