February 05, 2015

A Little EPP

The cold I was fighting last week morphed into a sinus infection that left me completely exhausted and unable to sew, which means the wedding quilt will not be finished in time for the wedding. I should be able to get back at it tomorrow though, as I'm feeling much better now that I have medication.

In the meantime, while waiting to see a doctor, I added to my collection of epp diamond stars.
I basted and stitched the zebra print star, then started on the batik one. Unfortunately, I only had 5 diamond templates left, so this was as far as I could go.
Here is the whole collection so far. I'm not sure what colour I will use in between the stars, though I think it will be a grey. I think it will be a solid too, so there will be a little extra contrast between the background and all the prints. Since I'm making this up as I go along, that could all change a few times before I actually start putting it together. I don't even know how big I want this quilt to be!

We had a great visit with my parents, who left this morning. It looks like they just missed a storm...it's snowing now and we're predicted to have something like 50cm of snow by tomorrow evening. I guess we'll spend tomorrow digging out!


  1. It sounds like you found a good way to keep at least a little bit of sewing going while you were under the weather; take care!

  2. It is looking really nice, and I think grey would be perfect. Glad the medicine is helping.

  3. Oh dear! Sinus trouble and snow, that is not such a good combination, good job you have those cheery stars to brighten up your day :)


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