February 27, 2015

Going in Circles

I've been working on my contribution for this round of the Round Trip Quilts. This time I have Kim's quilt and I wanted to add something that had lots of negative space because the quilt feels busy to me. I decided it needed some circles.
FYI these circles take a loooong time to make!
This was my first time making these blocks after having admired them for years. Mine finish at 5 1/2" and I'm pretty pleased with them. They're not perfect, of course, but they're not bad. Most of the matching points around the outside of the circle are really close to being properly matched, which is good enough for me. There are a few small puckers around the circles, but they're all small enough that I don't think I'd do better if I were to try again. I do find there are a lot of wrinkle marks in the background fabric and I'm not sure how to get rid of those. I'm going to try spraying them with water and pressing them again and hopefully that will help. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Next I need to add some strips of background fabric to the blocks to space them out so the borders will be the right size to fit the quilt. I'll be back next week to show you how Kim's quilt is looking before I mail it off to Mary.


  1. A lot of those background wrinkles will go away in the first wash of the quilt. I know that is a bit off in the future right now, but I tend to not stress about those. :)

  2. I think your circles look great. I haven't tried a circle yet, but it's on my bucket list! I agree with Yvonne - most of the wrinkles will wash out.

  3. They turned out lovely! Every step is so time consuming, but they do make a cool block!


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