February 12, 2015

This and That

I'm still plugging away at quilting the flowers on the wedding quilt (even though the wedding was last weekend), but I picked up the fabric for the binding the other day. I went to the store thinking I wanted a red, but all the reds just didn't work. They were all too red, and the pinks were too pink. This fabulous golden solid from Northcott, on the other hand, is perfect!
The white print is from Northcott too, so that might explain why this yellow seems to be the exact same shade as the yellow in the print.
 I'm hoping to get the quilting finished and the binding put on by the end of the weekend.

Our printer is out of ink, and we have to go out of town to buy more, so I haven't been able to print more epp diamond templates. Then I thought to ask my husband to print me a page or two at work. Look at the stack he brought me!
In case you're interested, I print these templates from www.incompetech.com. These diamonds have 1" sides, but you can make them any size you need. Since each page has almost enough diamonds for 6 stars, I think this stack will last me a long, time!
My quilting gloves, on the other hand, may not last me much longer. There is almost a hole in one finger of the other glove too, so I think it's time to invest in a new pair :)
 In other news, Craftsy is having a Valentine's sale...
Are you heading to QuiltCon next week? I'm not, but I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from those who are there!


  1. Glad you were able to find a good binding fabric. And on one pair of my quilting gloves I liked it better when holes formed in the finger tips. Made it easier to clip threads. ;)

  2. Not going to Quiltcon but like you am looking forward to seeing the photos. I ended up buying a new pair of gloves as mine stretched a lot with use and it was driving me mad having to keep pulling them up!

  3. Oh, that binding fabric matches the colors in the print so nicely! How nice of your husband to print out so many EPP pages for you!


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