February 20, 2015

Friday Finish - Eli's Quilt

What? Two finishes in one week? I know, "Who are you and what have you done with the woman who normally blogs here," right? Let me assure you, after this post we'll be back to regular programming, where it takes me forever to finish almost anything.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the cute baby quilt I finished last night.
The squares are 5" finished, so the quilt is 40" square. I hope that's a good size so little Eli will be able to play with it and use it even after he grows out of the baby stage.

I quilted it with an all over pattern of loops and stars.
I used a light blue thread, and I like how it really shows up on some blocks and blends in with others. Of course, I think the stars are the wonkiest in the blocks where they show up the most! Working in an all over pattern like this I really noticed how small the bed of my machine is. I don't have an extension table for it, but I think one would be really useful for this type of quilting.

I backed the quilt in a blue flannel, so that light blue thread shows up well there too. I had planned to bind it with a scrappy blue binding, but couldn't find enough blues in my stash. Apparently I need to do some fabric shopping ;) In the end, I'm really glad I couldn't find enough blues because I love how this soft yellow solid looks.
Now, before you are too impressed with this second finish for the week, I should point out that when I put Eli's quilt on my Finish-a-long list for this quarter, I said I hoped to have it finished before the end of the week. That was over a month ago! In my defense, though, I did abandon all other projects to focus on the wedding quilt. And now I have two finishes for my list!

I'll have Eli's quilt in the mail next week. I sure hope he enjoys rolling around on it, and looking at all the bright colours!
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  1. Congrats on the finish. It is so bright and cheerful. Perfect for a sweet baby.

  2. Both of my modern domestic machines have an extension table and I do not like them for machine quilting because they tend to move or even get pushed out as I guide the quilt along. So, I got a craft table that my machine sits down in and is the same height as the table I keep to the left to support the weight of the quilt.

    1. Interesting, Chris. I've never heard that about extension tables before. Unfortunately, I sew at our kitchen table, so cutting a hole in it for my sewing machine probably isn't an option!

  3. I love the blue thread on the quilting. Very Happy! Very Boy!

  4. This is a sweet little quilt. I really like the quilting, I need to really make an attempt at FMQ

  5. The binding works so well on this and congratulations on another great finish! The all over quilting pattern looks great. Stars can be so tricky, and I really think wonky stars are fun. It is not like a giant ball of gas in space needs to be represented with perfectly straight and equal lines, right? That is what I tell myself anyway. :)

  6. What a lovely finish! Starting a boy quilt myself for a friend and Boy is it hard to find boy colors/groupings!! I really like the yellow binding, it frames the quilt so nice.

  7. Congrats on a wonderful second quilt finish. Love your quilting and that cute Shamrock print. Thanks for sharing and linking up to TGIFF.


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