February 06, 2015

A Snowshoe Morning

Today is another snow day, with lots of fresh, powdery snow. The boys and I took advantage of the day off school/work and headed out for a bit of snowshoeing this morning.

We went into the woods behind our house, and it was beautiful. No wind, just little flakes floating down, and no snowmobiles had been up there yet to pack down the snow.
 It was a lot of work because the snow was so deep, so there were lots of breaks.
It's hard to tell in the pictures, but even in snowshoes we were sinking to our knees in places. See how far down my snowshoe is?
Two handsome boys who don't agree on hockey teams
I love this picture of Zachary. Too bad a bit of snow is streaking through it.
We stopped for a selfie at the end of our walk.
Hopefully this is only the first of plenty of snowshoeing outings this year!


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